One Coin to Unite Us All!

We are all connected.

Pure Crypto-Currency. A coin to trade, to have and to hodl! No smart contracts, no tokens.

Decentralized, peer-to-peer electronic

“quid pro quo”.

Connecticoin is an open-sourced project empowering individuals to mine, send and receive coins at their convenience.

No Pay to Stake

Unlike Staking coins that favor wealthy wallets or nodes with the most coins. Proof of work participation is free, coin rewards are the same to all nodes of the network.

We do not believe any node is more valuable than another. All users of the network are equal. All CTC nodes are able to mine coins with scrypt hardware.

Public Ledger

The Block Explorer is a public ledger of transactions on the Connect I Network. Transparency ensures trust and prevents fraud.

Stable & Secure Blockchain

Difficulty adjusts frequently to accommodate for hashing attacks and huge breaks between blocks.

Reward coins take 2,000 blocks to mature, check points are added to the chain every 2,000 blocks preventing 51% attacks.


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